lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Africami: intervista a Faldiela Collins

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Africami: intervista a Faldiela Collins

List of questions for africami project

Name and surname: Faldiela Collins

Nationality: South Africa/Italian through marriage

Education and profession: Administrative at the South African Consulate-General

How and when did you arrive in Italy?
For family reasons, 20 years ago
Why did you choose Milan as a location in which to live?
Family reasons but I think Milan chose me

Which scent does Milan bring to your mind?
Love at first smell!  - well it’s actually the kingdom of perfumes, with all these big important brand names , but also the people
Scent of creativity - it’s one of the most important cities of fashion and design in the world
Business hub

What sound and colour do you associate to Milan?
With regard to sound – maybe the Italian language, I find it very musical
Where colour is concerned, I’m not a soccer fan, but I guess – red and black

Are these different from those which you associate with your hometown?

Is there a street, an area, a place or a shop which reminds you of your home country?
Maybe the Brera area (reminds of trendy hip areas in Cape Town )

Is there a particular place that you love in Milan?
Central Milan, Brera, Navigli,
I like how the contemporary energy here in Milan balance out with world famous works of art and the architectural landmarks, like Duomo; La Scala, Castle Sforzesco, Basilica di San Lorenzo with its rows of Ancient Roman columns

How do you identify yourself: as a South African, an Italo-African, an Italian or a Milanese?
As a South African

Do you enjoy your job?

Is it what you had wished for?
Yes because it expose me to different realities in life and I meet people from all walks of life
This  allows me to grow professionally and personally

Did you have other desires/dreams?    
Maybe start my own business one day
Who knows, the sky is the limit!!!