lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Africami: intervista a Rachel Tlalane Rauleka

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Africami: intervista a Rachel Tlalane Rauleka

List of questions for africami project
Personal data
Name and surname: Rachel Tlalane Rauleka
Age: 35
Nationality: south african
Education high school diploma in public administration profession diplomat: consul administration at the south african consulate-general in milan
How and when did you arrive in italy? I have been posted in milan in october 2010

Relationship with milan
Why did you choose milan as a location in which to live?
I have been deployed, it was not by choice
Which scent does milan bring to your mind?
The smell of money
What sound and colour do you associate to milan?
Sound: trams, buses and emergency vehicles. Colour: grey (all the buildings look the same)
Are these different from those which you associate with your hometown?
Yes, very different: my hometown is very colourful because it has jacaranda trees (with a beautiful purple colour). Sound: birds, children playing on the streets, neighbours talking to each other
Is there a street, an area, a place or a shop which reminds you of your home country?
Yes, san siro stadium reminds me of the beautiful south african stadiums

Is there a particular place that you love in milan?
I like duomo cathedral and surroundings because you can meet with people from different parts of the world there. There are pigeons and people going up and down and this reminds me of the state theatre in pretoria. 

How do you identify yourself: as a south african, an italo-african, an italian or a milanese? 
As a south african

Do you enjoy your job?
Yes, a lot
Is it what you had wished for?
No but i ended up loving it
Did you have other desires/dreams?
Yes, i wanted to be employed in a travel agency because i have studied tourism but, at the end, i accepted the government’s offer.